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Welcome To Materials Science Research Laboratory


The area of Materials Science Research addresses the technological challenges of creating, characterizing and applying new materials to meet the requirements of fourth industrial revolution. The Materials Science Research Laboratory (MSRL) of CARS has been organized with a mission to work on the preparation of a wide range of materials including nanomaterials, polymers, composites, bio-compatible materials and many more along with the studies of their thermo-physical, rheological and mechanical properties. It also encompasses the optical, magnetic and electrical studies of solids, liquid crystals/melts and solutions. The aim is also to achieve the excellence in this field and  to work with universities, standards bodies, and other government laboratories to improve the quality of  fundamental and general understanding of the properties and performance of materials and how these relate to their composition, structure and processing for sustainable technology and testing.

Research Area:
  • Nanomaterials and nanotechnology
  • Advanced materials based on hybrids/composites of GO/rGo/CNT's 
  • Activated carbon from wastes or recycle process
  • Heterogeneous catalysis and adsorption  
  • Metal-organic frameworks compounds (MOFs)
  • Binary, ternary and quaternary metal oxides 

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  1. X-ray Powder diffraction
  2. Phase identification from XRD pattern (known compound)
  3. Crystallite size calculation
  4. High temperature calcination/burning (upto 1200oC)
  5. FT-IR spectroscopy
  6. ATR spectropscopy
  7. UV-Vis spectroscopy
  8. UV-Vis spectroscopy (Solid state)

Principal Scientist: Rumana Akther Jahan, Ph.D.

Principal Scientist: Samiran Bhattacharjee, PhD.

Senior Scientist:  Hasina Akhter Simol

Technical support

Md. Omar Faruk Khan, Laboratory Attendant.

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