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Welcome To Drug Analysis & Research Laboratory


Ø  Creation of scientific knowledge through research work.

Ø  Providing quality knowledge, research and services to the society of the country.

Ø  Developing comprehensive and appropriate technology approaches to drug analysis and research.

Ø  Enhancing capacity building of the centre through installation and operation of standard scientific instruments and equipment along with personnel skill development for the analysis and research.

Ø  Generation of highly skilled scientific and technical manpower.

Research Area:

ØDrug Analysis and Research Laboratory is conducting and supporting basic and clinical research on drug i.e. new drug development, isolation, synthesis, drug interaction, its consequences in vitro and in vivo, analytical method development of drugs and validation, bioavailability and bioequivalence studies in animal and human models.

It also creates demands for research and analysis. These demands directly and indirectly are influenced by the interactions, program directions, and priorities of scientists, faculties and graduate students and their relationships to their academic departments. 


Besides conducting research, Drug Analysis and Research Laboratory also provides analytical services to faculty members of the University of Dhaka as well as to individuals, other institutions, companies, agency of outside of the university.


Drug Analysis and Research Laboratory has the following facilities for conducting research and analysis.

Name of the instrument



HPLC (UV  and Fluorescence detectors, Autoinjector) Prominence, LC 20AD
Shimadzu, Japan

ELISA Reader

LisaScan EM

Erba, Germany

Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer


Phoenix Instrument, Germany

Distilled water plant


Laboid, India

Fume hood

22/Eco Flux V120

Folabo, Italy

Turbo Evaporator


Athena tech, India

UV lamp (254 nm, 356 nm)


Spectroline, USA

Soxhlet Extractor



Vortex mixer



Ultrasonic bath

Ultrasons-Medi -II

J.P. Selecta, Spain

Centrifuge machine (Max 4500 rpm)

Z 36 HK

HermleLabortechnik GmbH, Germany

Oven (up to 250 oC)

UNE 600

Memmert GmbH, Germany

Hardness tester


Logan Instrument Corporation, USA

Digital Melting point apparatus


Sunonwealth Electric Machine Industry Co. Ltd., Taiwan

Friability Tester


Logan Instruments Corporation, USA

Digital Analytical Balance


Radwag, Poland

Tap Density Tester


Logan Instruments Corporation, USA

Thermostatic water bath (Quantity 3)

Unitronic OR

J. P. Selecta, Spain

Fluorescence spectrophotometer

F 7000

Hitachi, Japan

Flame photometer


Jenway, UK

pH meter

Orion Star A111

Thermo Scientific, USA

Colony counter


Stuart, UK

Viscometer (Quantity 2)


Brookfield, USA

Conductivity meter


J. P. Selecta, Spain



Buchi, Switzerland

Digital rough balance (30 kg)

Series No. 220


Dissolution tester


Logan Instruments Corporation, USA

Tablet disintegration tester


Logan Instruments Corporation, USA


(Assembling with Dissolution tester)


Shimadzu, Japan

Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (TOC)


Shimadzu, Japan

Ion Exchange Analyzer


Metrohm, Switzerland



Lab In charge: Dr. Md. Zakir Sultan, Principal Scientist

Lab Attendant (Senior Grade): Konik Kumar Sarkar 

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